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Bernard Badion

2018-2019 NBC Writers On The Verge Fellow

Comedy Writer

Please contact me for samples


Bernard Badion is currently a fellow in the NBC Writers On The Verge Program. He has served as an assistant to Writer/Co-Executive Producer Sanjay Shah at Fresh Off The Boat and also assisted in Shah’s pilot with Jonathan Krisel. Previous to that he was the writers production assistant at Netflix’s One Day At A Time. A San Francisco Bay Area Native and a first generation Filipino-American, the road to writing television started when he made the first feature film to originate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in his undergrad, taught high school for a year in Silicon Valley, cleaned stacks of dishes as a Top Chef Masters production assistant, was a 30 year-old intern (undercover because Asian don't raisin) at Conan on TBS, an MFA recipient at Loyola Marymount, and now a father (his wife can’t believe it either). He also was a DJ for ten years, for which he is deeply, deeply sorry.

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